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Title : Safi Qaam (Pashto Book)

Author : Abdul Hanan Safi

Release Date : September 2014

ISBN : 978-969-9645-37-2

Length: 276 pages


Safi Qaam, or The Safi Tribe, is the latest attempt to clear the prevailing misconceptions about the lineage of Safi people and explores their eventful history. The thesis of this book is that the Safis are descendants of the Ali (RA)—the fourth Caliph, cousin, and son-in-law of prophet Muhammed (PBUH)—who migrated to the remotest borders of Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties and settled down in the valleys of Kunar in Afghanistan. Safi people have adapted Pakhtun culture and language of Afghanistan.

Safi Qaam is a story of the Safi’s history, survival, struggles, and contributions from the times of Rajpal, Aurengzeb Alamgir, the British Raj, USSR, to the post 9/11 world. It explores significant political, historic, and cultural factors that the Safi’s had to deal with throughout history.

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