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Narratives is distinguished for its publications offering strategic analyses and solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan, such as insecurity and violence, militancy, radicalism and intrastate and inter-state conflicts in Pakistan and the wider region.

Narratives pledges to expand knowledgebase on social, cultural, political and developmental themes of contemporary relevance to Pakistan and its society.

Narratives strive to offer creative and innovative publications with strengths in academic, research-based and alternative narratives.

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Title : The Roots of Islamic Activism in South Asia

Author: Farhan Zahid

ISBN: 978-969-9645-41-9

Edition: 1st

Release Date : November 2014

Length: 100 Pages


the radical Islamic forces have always had the support of tiny minorities Muslim in South Asia. They have always had some level of presence in the society since the time of Akbar but their support and influence remained confirmed to pretty narrow sphere.


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