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Narratives is distinguished for its publications offering strategic analyses and solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan, such as insecurity and violence, militancy, radicalism and intrastate and inter-state conflicts in Pakistan and the wider region.

Narratives pledges to expand knowledgebase on social, cultural, political and developmental themes of contemporary relevance to Pakistan and its society.

Narratives strive to offer creative and innovative publications with strengths in academic, research-based and alternative narratives.

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Title:  Askariat Pasandi ka Phaylao

Compiled by Ali Abbas

Release Date: January 2012

ISBN :978-969-9645-02-0

Edition: 1st

Length: 202 Pages

Description .

The book analyses the phenomenon of militancy in global and regional perspectives, which has become a transnational threat particularly after the incidents of 9/11. While the world is fixated on the rising tide of religious extremism in Pakistan, this book takes the reader beyond borders and analyses the dynamics of militancy in Afghanistan and Yemen. Anyone who wants to learn more about the reconciliation efforts in Kabul or mounting Al Qaeda activities in and around Sanaa cannot afford to miss this exciting compilation of research articles and essays.

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