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Narratives is distinguished for its publications offering strategic analyses and solutions to the challenges facing Pakistan, such as insecurity and violence, militancy, radicalism and intrastate and inter-state conflicts in Pakistan and the wider region.

Narratives pledges to expand knowledgebase on social, cultural, political and developmental themes of contemporary relevance to Pakistan and its society.

Narratives strive to offer creative and innovative publications with strengths in academic, research-based and alternative narratives.

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Title : Insight on Insecurity in Pakistan

Author : Manzar Zaidi

Release Date : July 2012

ISBN : 978-969-9645-17-4

Length: 170 pages


Terrorism had been around long before the 9/11 attacks gave it the shock value it has today and all indications suggest that it will be there long after groups like Al Qaeda are history.
In an age where subjective and arbitrary notions of what is or is not terrorism reign supreme and when states have sought to crush guerrillas and freedom fighters in the name of countering terrorism, this book strives to find answers to key questions that the people in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world have about radicalization and terrorism in Pakistan. What is terrorism and what do terrorists hope to gain by resorting to it? What are the drivers of acts of terrorism in Pakistan’s context? Do poverty and education play a role? Why do terrorists across the world 'identify' with each other, despite having different trajectories in different states? What cements these disparate terrorist groups together? Can they be reasoned with? What is the best way to engage them? These and many other questions demand answers, which Pakistan desperately needs to find in order to comprehend and be better prepared to counter this menace. That is precisely what this book seeks to offer.

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